Blessed Weekend!


Everyone have a safe and blessed weekend. I won’t be on the computer again until Monday afternoon because I have to use a public computer and the lab is closed on the weekends. I’m so poor that I can’t afford a computer of my own. I am trying to save up $100 on Amazon so that I can buy a tablet. Maybe by Christmas. I need one so I can start on my writing career.



I am an average middle aged man who enjoys life. I believe in a Christian Worldview. As a recovering Alcoholic and Homeless Veteran I would like to use my extensive knowledge of Homelessness as well as various Recovery Programs to help others to overcome their addictions and live productive and happy lives. I desire to further my education in the area of Addictions Counseling with the ultimate goal of a career in Counseling. My long term goals include not only a position with a Treatment Center or a Non-profit Organization as a Counselor or Case Manager but also as a Motivational Speaker and Writer. I shall continue my education as I have always desired to obtain a college degree or two; perhaps even a graduate degree. Because of my addictions I have great unrealized potential, but have never lost my hope and ambitions to make a positive impact on my society.

November 27, 2012

I’m just sitting here listening to some Christmas music trying to get into the spirit. I have no family close by and cannot afford to travel, therefore I’ll probably be all alone again this year. Oh well, that’s the story of my life. Maybe next year will be better. I don’t ever give up hope!

 I love technical stuff like web design but I also love to help people so I think that I’m going to focus on being a Substance Abuse Therapist, Motivational Speaker and Writer, perhaps focusing upon the homeless population. Lord knows that I have a lot of experience in this area. There are other reasons for this decision that I’ll relate in later posts.

November 26, 2012

I had another lonely Thanksgiving; didn’t even
have any turkey. I don’t know what the matter with me is. I need to make some definite
changes in my life. I’ve always had so much ambition and there are so many
things that I want to do. I’m going to turn over a new leaf and really get into
Drug and Alcohol Counseling and develop a Christian Worldview. I want to use my
experience to help other homeless people. All I need is to be given the right
opportunities. I get so lethargic and discouraged. I really need to get busy
and find some source of income. Maybe I suffer from a mild case of depression.
There is so much wasted love and potential within me just waiting for a chance
to burst forth. I know that I am rambling right now, but I’m just putting down
my thoughts as they come. I need to practice my writing as this is another
activity that I want to do. I want to write edifying essays etc. to help
others. Perhaps some short stories. I know that I have the intelligence to
accomplish anything in life that is within God’s will for me. I am so
wishy-washy. There are so many enjoyable things to do in life that it is very difficult
to stay focused on one thing. Here I am, 56, and have never had a serious
relationship in my life. I feel so very lonely. Why have I been so hard headed
and allowed alcohol to screw up my life? I could and should be on the top of
the world by this time of life. Oh well, never too late to get onto the right
track. I still have many more good productive years ahead. I could just give up
and just survive, but as I’ve said before: I have way too much hope and dreams
for myself to do that. I want help make the world a better place; something
that everyone should do. There is way too much greed and selflessness!