I admit the last few days have brought a flood of emotions for me.

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Happy Independence Day

As I sit here in my room above the US Vets program in Las Vegas on this 4th of July I am listening to some very patriotic music by a variety of military bands. I am very thankful that the good Lord allowed me to be a citizen of this great nation, where at least I know that I am free to be all that God intended me to be. I don’t need anyone else to tell me how to live my life or what to believe. I follow my God given conscience of what is right and what is wrong (see Rom. Chapter One).

Well,  I don’t feel like ranting much today so I’m going to go and enjoy my 4th. They are having a BBQ downstairs today to feed the homeless. If anyone can make a small donation to US VETS it would be greatly appreciated. Mention me in your prayers. Happy 4th to you all. Love: Mike 😁

Happy 4th of July

In this day and age when our liberal politicians are so obsessed with being so PC and are afraid of offending other nations or groups of people so that the US of A has lost so much respect, even among our Allies, they need to go back to their history books and learn from our past heritage those things that has made America the greatest nation on earth. “Make America Great Again!” God Bless America this Independence Day!

Caring People


Sitting here thinking about all the good and caring people in the world. With all the evil that the news media is always portraying it’s sometimes difficult to realize that the vast majority of people in this world are basically good people. Most people regardless of their ideology want the same things in life, i.e. food, shelter, safe home for their children etc. The truly evil people, like mass murderers are a very small minority.

During my time as a Homeless person most people that I met seemed to be kinda apathetic to the suffering around them. They are probably wrapped up in their own thoughts and problems. I know that before I became homeless I never really noticed Homeless People. I supposed they existed same as they do today, I just never saw them.

I could tell many stories of how kind people were to me when I was living on the streets. The many instances when I woke up in a doorway and someone had left me some food and money while I was sleeping. There are also many Christian agencies that provide physical as well as spiritual services to the Homeless. Such as the Church group that provided lunch to the Veterans here at US Vets today. One of my favorite radio programs is “Unshackled” from the Pacific Garden Mission in Chicago. They tell of how Jesus can and does change lives.

I’m in the process of putting together my testimonial website in the hope that it’ll be a blessing to other people who have been through similar situations as myself. Plus website design is kinda a hobby of mine so I’m also getting some satisfaction out of the project. So stay tuned for the announcement of its launch. Hopefully soon, if I don’t get lazy and procrastinate. Another of my shortcomings.

Well, I’ll be saying, “Good Bye” for now. May the Lord continue to bless you and your families. Especially all you Fathers tomorrow on Father’s Day. My father went home to be with the Lord several years ago and I still miss him. Also because of my previous lifestyle I’ve missed out on the pleasures of fatherhood or being a grandfather. 🐸

Causes for Homelessness


There are many reasons why a person finds himself or herself in the position of being homeless. It usually has to do with living a sinful lifestyle and believing the lies of Satan. Such was the experience of my life. Believe me, Satan is very alive and appears to be in control of many people’s lives. As I walk the streets I can see abundant evidence of this fact. I see people who are either very mentally unstable or controlled by an evil presence, i.e. Satan and his demons.


I wish to digress from the topic of homelessness for a moment to reflect upon the event in Orlando yesterday. If you need proof that Satan is alive you need look no further. I spent most of the day praying for the victims and their families as well asking God how long is He going to tolerate such evil. I can say one thing about the God I serve, “He is a very patient God.” If it was up to me I would have destroying this world a long time ago. Come quickly Jesus!


Anyway, the reason that I became homeless had to do with the reason stated above. I started living nothing but a pleasure seeking life while in High School. It continued all through my seven plus years in the Navy and ended with my sister asking me to move out of her house. Well I found myself on the streets of Philadelphia and I was scared. But, I soon learned how to survive. Praise God that there are many good people in this world also. I truly believe that the vast majority of people in this world are good in their hearts, even if they haven’t accepted Christ yet.


I’ve known many homeless people who have decided that they want to live that sort of life: No responsibility or accountability and can continue living the sort of life that they desire. They have become complacent and comfortable. I have never quite reached that frame of mind myself. But, I have come close. Just giving up and accepting my lot in life. God has been gracious to be and hasn’t allowed me to give up on His plans for my life. Probably why He has protected me through all the years of being homeless.


As I said earlier, there are reasons why people become homeless. Granted that not everyone on the streets are there because of their addictions and bad choices. I don’t really understand economics and it’s influence on people’s lives, but I know that there are many people trying to survive on very little income and can’t afford the cost of living. Sometimes they have to chose between eating and paying rent. They are basically living from paycheck to paycheck. If something happens, such as an illness or losing their job it is very easy to become homeless. One of the sadist situations is seeing a family, especially with young innocent children living out of their car. Another sad situation that I’ll briefly mention, manly because I understand so little about it, is that of the abused woman. I’ve met a few of them on the streets also. They are escaping an abusive relationship and it was either the streets or worse. Then of course there are the runaway and street kids. So as you can see, the streets of America is a culture within a larger society.



I have an aspiration to become a writer. My main subject matter will be my experiences as a homeless person. I have made a commitment to publish something in this blog each day. I am also involved in writing my autobiography and redesigning my website as a testimony of my life. Also I’ll be working on writing short stories. This is to make people more aware of the problem of homelessness. Its causes and effects and how people get involved in that lifestyle and end up staying there.
A little about my life and qualifications: I’ll be sixty years old in a few months and have been homeless most of my life since I was twenty eight, except during times that I was in some sort of a program. More about various programs later. I have been up and down the West Coast from San Diego to Seattle, the East Coast from Miami to New York and across this great nation several times on a Greyhound bus. I am grateful that I am a Veteran because I have been able to live the past four years rent free in a little studio apartment. Which is a good thing since I am unemployed and broke. So at least now I do have a roof over my head, such as it is. But I am content in my present circumstances even though I wish that it was different. I often reflect on my past decisions and speculate on what my life could have been like if I had made different decisions. Oh well, the past can’t be changed.
I’m looking forward to the decade of my sixties. As I embark upon this new career as a writer I feel a new since of purpose for my life and am excited to be doing something productive. Also I hope to be able to receive some small monetary compensation for my labors. Even though I am mostly doing this out of enjoyment and in the hopes that some people will read my writings and give me some feedback. I feel that I have a story that needs to be told! Well, all you dear readers out there in Cyberspace, keep checking on me and remember that Jesus loves you!! 😁

Thank You Lord


This is something that I really have to take on faith. Just yesterday I was doubting the existence of God. Or if He did exist whether or not He really cared about me personally. He seems to be so distant most of the time. It is really difficult to talk to and believe in someone that you cannot physically see and touch. This is probably the reason that Jesus said to Thomas in John 20:29: Jesus said to him, “Thomas, because you have seen Me, you have believed. Blessed are those who have not seen and yet have believed.” Yes, Lord Jesus, I believe, please help my unbelief.