Prayer for Peace


Yes, Lord, this evil world that is our temporary home is sorely in need of your peace today. Please, Lord Jesus, come quickly and establish your justice upon mankind and put to an end all this work of our adversary, Satan.


Happy 4th of July

In this day and age when our liberal politicians are so obsessed with being so PC and are afraid of offending other nations or groups of people so that the US of A has lost so much respect, even among our Allies, they need to go back to their history books and learn from our past heritage those things that has made America the greatest nation on earth. “Make America Great Again!” God Bless America this Independence Day!

A Sober Prayer


As a former Alcoholic that has been healed from this disease and forgiven of the sin of drunkenness I can empathize with those people who are still struggling with this sinful lifestyle. I offer this prayer to God for them. Also to let them know that there is hope in the name of Jesus Christ. It took me many painful years to come to this realization, but am I extremely glad that I never gave up.