Happy Independence Day

As I sit here in my room above the US Vets program in Las Vegas on this 4th of July I am listening to some very patriotic music by a variety of military bands. I am very thankful that the good Lord allowed me to be a citizen of this great nation, where at least I know that I am free to be all that God intended me to be. I don’t need anyone else to tell me how to live my life or what to believe. I follow my God given conscience of what is right and what is wrong (see Rom. Chapter One).

Well, ¬†I don’t feel like ranting much today so I’m going to go and enjoy my 4th. They are having a BBQ downstairs today to feed the homeless. If anyone can make a small donation to US VETS it would be greatly appreciated. Mention me in your prayers. Happy 4th to you all. Love: Mike ūüėĀ

Do You Want Eternal Life?

Think about it! Do you want eternal life in God’s kingdom? Or eternal death (separated from God for all eternity)? Make your choice today, because it will be a very sad thing if you make the wrong decision. What if you live to be 100 years old? What is that compared to eternity? You can have an abundant, joy filled life here on earth even if Jesus and God is just a myth. Jesus said in John 14:6:¬†“I am the way, the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father except through Me.”

If I Were President

If I were the President I would give a speech that went something like this: “The many Radical Islamic Terrorist Organizations have committed many heinous, atrocious and barbaric acts against the human race. The United States shall not tolerate these actions anymore. Today I am calling upon the Congress to declare an unconditional war against any and all of these groups that continue to perform or sanction such acts against the peace loving people of the world. The United States will use all of our mighty power and resources to defeating this scourge of humanity as soon as possible. I call upon and welcome the assistance of any nation and ally who wishes to aid us in this endeavor. Those nations who choose not to help, please stay out of our way.

“No matter where you terrorist scum may hide we will seek you¬†out and either capture you in order to bring you to justice¬†or if you continue to resist to conform with the norms of a civilized society we will have no recourse but to completely¬†destroy you.”

Stand United


I am glad to see that Pope Francis puts all Christians into the Universal Church of Christ. No matter what your doctrinal beliefs or your manner of worship may be, we who proclaim Jesus Christ as our Lord and Savior must stand united against the evil and persecutions perpetrated against us. We must pray for those poor misguided souls that have been brainwashed by Satan to follow a false Prophet and religion. Especially, let us Christians who are living in relative peace and luxury remember in prayer those of our brothers and sisters in the Middle East who are suffering at the hands of these pagans.

I’m Thankful


When I see all the evil in many places around the world, esp. in the Middle East, I’m so grateful to the Lord God that I was born in the good ole US of A. This country may not be 100% perfect, but it is one of the best and safest places to raise a family and to become whatever your skills and ambitions will allow you to become. We have the freedom to express ourselves, in speech and/or writing without fear of being persecuted by the government. We Americans are free to worship or not to worship as we see fit. Allow God to be the Judge of who is right and who is wrong when each of us stand before Him at the last day. WHY CAN WE NOT LIVE IN PEACE WITH ONE ANOTHER? Come quickly Lord Jesus and put to an end all the sins of wicked and evil humanity. Yes, Jesus, come soon!

Dear President Obama: Please help bring our daddy home.

Published on Aug 4, 2014

“Please help Jacob and Rebekka’s letter reach the White House. On September 26, 2012, Pastor Saeed Abedini, their father, was imprisoned in Iran while working with the Iranian government to start an orphanage. He is being held because of his Christian faith.” – Copied from the You Tube page that this video is on.

Lets pray that Pastor Saeed Abedini will be able to spend Christmas with his children. I can’t understand the paranoia of people and nations against other’s faith. Is their faith so weak that they have to persecute people of other belief systems. Perhaps deep down, because of the prompting of the Holy Spirit, they know that their faith is in a false prophet and that Jesus is the only Way, Truth and Life.