Happy December

10689454_10204178066704799_6472279893557053729_nMy favorite month of the year. Celebrating the birth of my Savior. Looking forward to a very productive 2017. So much to do I hardly know where to begin. Pray for me and our country. I just turned 60 and am unemployed and broke but am blessed with many spiritual gifts that I know that I can use for the glory of the kingdom of God. I am praying that the Lord will open doors of opportunity for me to serve Him. Any suggestions will be appreciated.


Wait Upon the Lord


By faith I believe the promises of God that He has a great plan for an abundant life. But, I admit that the waiting upon Him is rather difficult. Especially when I am broke all the time, complacent and lack motivation. I want to serve God as an Evangelist to the Homeless, perhaps as a Chaplain in a Christian Non-profit Organization.

I Need Change


I need this prayer today because I have become very complacent and a procrastinator. I need to take 2Cor. 5:17 which says,”Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation; old things have passed away; behold, all things have become new.” to heart. First of all I need to find some employment where I can afford to buy the necessary things I need, even though I know that God has promised that He would meet every one of our needs if we seek His kingdom first (Mt.6:25-34, Lk.12:22-31). I’m very tired and discouraged at not finding a job and of just sitting around broke. I would like to use my Spiritual gifts to eventually serve the Lord in whatever capacity that He’ll have me serve. But, first priority would be to get some steady income, then it would be easier to do other activities. 

I’m Back!!

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I took a really long break from my blog. Sorry!! I guess that it has a little to do with being bummed out about looking for work and being broke all the time. I’ll try my best to stay in touch with everyone in the future. I need to network with people and make new Christian friends.

Prayer for Today

Prayer for Today

And Amen!! I really needed this prayer for today. I seem to be confused about the direction that I want my life to take. I have so many interest that it is difficult to prioritize and stay focused. I know that my first and major priority right now is to find a steady income. There are things that I need to purchase and I am broke. Not to complain, but it is rather difficult to job search when I can’t afford bus fare, to do laundry, get a haircut and other basic things that cost a little moola. I know that God will provide me with my necessities and maybe even a few wants. And I am very grateful for the many blessings that He has bestowed upon me, such as an intelligent mind, good health, salvation, etc. That is why I needed this prayer. I also do need the Lord to increase my faith in Him.

Daily Prayer!

Daily Prayer!

Many days I’m not in the mood or have the time to write much. So, therefore, I just post a short prayer or praise to God. Anyway, I did take a long walk yesterday, about an hour and a half each way, to apply for a job, because I’m so broke that I can’t even afford bus fare. I’m waiting on a phone call. I really need employment of some kind, I’m not picky. I’ve been praying about it to the best of my ability, but God hasn’t answered in the affirmative yet. I need to be patient and maintain my faith.



I got kinda lazy for awhile and stayed off the computer. Well I’m back and plan on staying that way. I’m still hopeful in finding employment, but have been rather complacent and thinking of giving up. But, it stinks sitting around broke all the time. I need just a little money for necessities and maybe a few wants. I’m not greedy!!

Veteran’s Stand Down

I went to the Veteran’s Stand Down at Cashman Center today. I received a really nice haircut and some information on job opportunities. The main problem that I have on looking for a job has to do with transportation. No one seems to have the funding to just give out bus passes (I can understand why: because people would abuse the system and use the passes for other things than job search.) But, it is very difficult to obtain employment without some means of transportation. For example: Even if I did get a job, how would I get to and from work until I received my first paycheck. It is very difficult when a person is completely without resources to be able to get back on his or her feet. There are agencies that are willing to assist a person, if you can jump through all the red tape and have the patience of Job. I’ll try to hang in there. I’m still praying for the VSA position here at US Vets. It would be very convenient and inline with my future long-term goals. But, I am beginning to get a little desperate for some kind of steady income. What hurts is that I know myself and that I am capable of doing most anything that I set my mind to do, but I’m not very good at portraying or communicating my abilities and skills to other people who do not know me.