Good Morning World!


Yes, Lord Jesus, come quickly that this promise may come true. We need You in this sinful, hurting world. Recent events in Las Vegas, my hometown, is another indicator of how badly we need your appearance.




I can relate to this message! It seems to me that most social situations that I find myself in, especially among non-Christians, ends or involves people described above. Perhaps the main reason that the Bible tells us that we should socialize only with people of a similar Christian worldview. Then at least we will have something in common and worthwhile to talk about.

Blessed Weekend!


Well, this is the end of another week. Praise the Lord for the many blessings that He has bestowed upon me this week. I’m ready to just kick back and relax for a couple of days. Play with my dog and do some reading. Mostly my Bible. I’ll probably do some writing. Wish that I had my own tablet. Well, some day. I’m saving up for one now on Amazon. See y’all on Monday, the good Lord willing. Oh, let’s keep the folks on the Gulf Coast of Texas in our prayers as they go through this hurricane this weekend.

Blessed Weekend!


Everyone have a safe and blessed weekend. I won’t be on the computer again until Monday afternoon because I have to use a public computer and the lab is closed on the weekends. I’m so poor that I can’t afford a computer of my own. I am trying to save up $100 on Amazon so that I can buy a tablet. Maybe by Christmas. I need one so I can start on my writing career.