Bible Study


I bought a new Life Application Study Bible about a week ago and am really excited and am into reading and studying the Word of God once again. What I really like about this particular Bible is the footnotes that tell me how to apply the passage to my Christian life. I’ve started by studying the harmony of the Gospels. That way I’ll have read all four Gospels in chronological order and will be able to see how each author wrote about the same event. Of course I am also reading the footnotes and biographical sketches along with the Scripture and am underlying the notes and passages that are relevant to my life. This is a project that I am sure will take some time to complete so everyone please keep me in your prayers.

A Blessing


I just felt a need or an urging from the Holy Spirit to send out a blessing. I’ve been meditating recently on how blessed I am living in the USA compared to most people in the world. I may be poor and unemployed, but I’m healthy, well fed and have a warm bed to sleep in. What more could a guy want?

New Website Address


Well, actually this is my old website with a slightly different address. My website host said that I exceeded my CPU limit with the other one, because I have a free site. They want me to pay for premium, which being broke and unemployed as I am I can’t afford right now. This is just kinda a hobby for right now anyway, but I’m hoping to turn it into a freelance business one day. I am studying front-end webdesign right now and have been to a few classes on the subject. I hope to some day design sites for Christian Organizations as well as other ministries for the Lord.

Anyway, for some good inspiration and to learn more about me and my ambitions which I believe is in the Lord’s will for me since I am endeavoring to glorify Him and His kingdom, for it does say in Psalms 37:4: “Delight yourself also in the LORD,
And He shall give you the desires of your heart.” Go to: Ozzie’s Personal Site.