For Deceased Fathers


My Dad went to Heaven eight years ago next month and I miss not having a closer relationship with him while he was still on earth. But, we’ll be together one day and will make up for all the missed opportunities.



3 thoughts on “For Deceased Fathers

  1. I know where you are coming from. Last Sunday was June 11th. It marked the 25th anniversary of my dad’s passing. Last Friday I became so depressed. Really bad. At first it didn’t hit me as to why, and then I thought oh yes. It is in my spirit. Every year even when I am not thinking about that day, my spirit, my body and my mind have a way of reminding me of it. The memories then come upon me like a flash flood. The day replays in my mind as though it were yesterday. I was about 700 miles away when I received the phone call. I was 27 years old and this was not expected. Isn’t it funny how your mind can retain perfect details about something 25 years ago? I was lost, I was so upset. I was in shock. My daddy took care of me, so to speak. He had always been there. I was his little girl. I am in my 50’s and here I am crying again. I remember as I packed up my 2 little boys and made the drive across the country to come home to his funeral, all I seemed to hear were a bombardment of radio commercials. Over and over! Get that great dad this get him that! 25 years ago didn’t have xm radio or cell phone or any of that. My half brother told me that after he received the call and put the phone down, he reached fir the newspaper and there it was. A full paged advertisement FATHER’S DAY 25% OFF SALE! Always a quick reminder if I were to come close to forgetting.

    On a positive note. The good Lord started me on a journey to realize that I have something better. I have a heavenly Father who loves me even more than the best dad on earth could ever love me! God always has a way of showing me a blessing in the midst of pain. This took a few years, but I am thankful that God showed me that I have not been left and that I have a Father that is always near and is always there for me. I was blessed with a good daddy but even more blessed to get to know my eternal Father and my Creator and my Saviour! Thank you Jesus Christ for revealing the things that were not visible to me way back then!

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    • Thank you for the reply. I really appreciate it. It does kinda seem that businesses are rather insensitive to those people that do not have Fathers on Father’s Day or Mothers on Mother’s Day, etc. They are only concerned with making money on these special days. Oh well, that’s the Capitalist society that we live in.

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      • Well, I guess I didn’t think about it like that. I just considered it really bad timing. Ha. I am good. It is bad timing and another yearly reminder on the off chance I might forget the day he died. It is always a week or two around fathers day.

        But, you are correct that our world focuses so much on the almighty $$ and a way to make it regardless of the picture they have to paint. Everyone has a perfect family at everyday they deem to be a holiday. My sons dad left and never looked back so they had to deal with that side of fathers day too.

        God bless you.

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