Evil in Manchester


My prayers go out to the families of the victims of the horrific bombing in Manchester England yesterday. “Lord God please comfort the hearts of the family and friends of the victims of the bombing yesterday.”

“Come quickly Lord Jesus and put an end to this evil in the world.” The people who commit such atrocities think that they are fulfilling your will, God. But, they are so blinded by Satan that they cannot realize how evil their deeds are. It is so sad! The Bible foretells of such things happening. How can anyone, especially over a billion people follow a false profit.  Even so, these acts of terrorism are a perverted ideology of the Islamic religion.

I agree that these Terrorist are “Losers” as President Trump has called them. They are also cowards. If they are fighting a war then why do they target innocent children instead of soldiers? The answer is obvious: Soldiers fight back, but children can’t.



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