An Inspirational Devotional

Carter and Me

Carter and Me being Complacent

I thought that today’s devotional by the Osteens was very appropriate and helpful to me. It is what I needed. I have been very complacent and have been procrastinating for a very long time concerning the things that I know that I should be doing. I am tired of the kind of life that I have been living. Sitting around broke all the time and not doing anything about my situation. God has promised me an abundant life, but I need to do my part. He has blessed me with many positive qualities that I am mostly wasting. I still can have many great and productive years in my future. I really want to do something with my life instead of just surviving. I know that God has many great and marvelous plans for me. Well, here is the devotional and prayer by the Osteens. Perhaps it will also be an encouragement to you as it is to me.

New Places
God desires to take you to new places in your life. He wants to take you to deeper places in your walk with Him, and He wants to take you into higher places of blessing in your life. Are you ready to go to places that you’ve never been before?

So many people today get stuck in a rut because they don’t want to get out of their comfort zone. They want to stay with what they know because it’s familiar.

But in order for you to reach your full potential, you have to be willing to step out into the unknown. You won’t ever walk on water until you step out of the boat! We all have areas where we can rise higher. Open your heart today and be ready to step out into the unknown. Trust that the Lord will guide and order your every step. Begin to expect that the unexpected is on the way. Be ready to step out into new places.

A Prayer for Today
“Father, thank You for bringing me increase in every area of my life. Thank You for taking me to new places. I expect that You are working behind the scenes in my life, and I open my heart to all You have for me in Jesus’ name. Amen.”


3 thoughts on “An Inspirational Devotional

  1. This applies to me too Michael. I spend too much time on the computer when I should be spending more time reading God’s Word. There are other areas of my life that I need to give more time to as well but I usually get home from work, jump on the computer & am there until bedtime. You have inspired me to make more time for more important things, thank you

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