Please Repent!


It is very hot here in Las Vegas.  Not near as hot as it will be in hell for those people who decide to reject Jesus though.  It seems that most people don’t even give the slightest consideration to their eternal destiny.  All they think about is their temporary pleasures in this life, which may be 100 years.  But, what is that compared to eternity?  It is very sad to see how there is so much immorality in this world.  I’m somewhat of a news junkie and have been keeping up with the current events in our Government and around the world. It is so sad to see how many people condone such immoral beliefs as homosexuality and abortion.  Of course they don’t believe that these acts and lifestyles are sinful.

Of course there are those who say that they don’t believe in God, Heaven or Hell, etc. I would like to ask those people what they are going to do if they are wrong?  Are they willing to take that chance?  It doesn’t matter what a person may choose to believe, it still doesn’t change the Truth.  If by some unimaginable chance that Christians are wrong about Jesus and eternal life, what have they lost? Nothing! They still have lived a good and moral life.  But, if a person chooses to believe the lies of Satan, then what have they lost? Everything! As Jesus said: “What shall it profit a person if he shall gain the whole world, but lose their soul?”


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