Today’s Word with Joel and Victoria Olsteen

He Directs Your Steps

What are you doing to bring your dreams to pass? Are you getting prepared? Do you have clear direction? Are you taking steps of faith? Success is intentional. You may not know what steps to take right now, but God has a good plan for your life. If you’ll do your part to seek Him and begin to make plans to succeed, God will guide you. He will direct your steps. You don’t have to vaguely go through life. God wants to show you His plan. He wants to pour out His blessing on you and see you living a life of victory.

Decide today to make plans to succeed. Write down your goals. Make time to evaluate where you are in life. Evaluate your finances, your career and your relationships. Don’t go another week without having a plan for your future. Evaluate how you’re spending your time and money. If you’ll go beyond dreaming and start making plans to succeed, God promises that He’s going to direct your steps. He will lead you down the path of His favor.

A Prayer for Today
“Father, thank You for ordering my steps. Help me to see clearly the plan You have for me today and every day. I submit every area of my life to You and trust that You are working behind the scenes for my good in Jesus’ name. Amen.”

I thought that this was excellent inspiration for getting off my lazy ass and stop procrastinating. Perhaps others can also benefit from this daily devotion.


5 thoughts on “Today’s Word with Joel and Victoria Olsteen

    • I haven’t really checked out the ministry of the Osteens that carefully, and I don’t know anything about their personal lives, and I know that the Bible tells us to test the spirits of people to see if they are from God and whether they are false teachers. But, from the devotionals that I have read and the TV ministry of the Osteens I have recieved much inspiration and haven’t noticed any teaching that I find is contrary to the teachings of the Word of God.


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