If I Were President

If I were the President I would give a speech that went something like this: “The many Radical Islamic Terrorist Organizations have committed many heinous, atrocious and barbaric acts against the human race. The United States shall not tolerate these actions anymore. Today I am calling upon the Congress to declare an unconditional war against any and all of these groups that continue to perform or sanction such acts against the peace loving people of the world. The United States will use all of our mighty power and resources to defeating this scourge of humanity as soon as possible. I call upon and welcome the assistance of any nation and ally who wishes to aid us in this endeavor. Those nations who choose not to help, please stay out of our way.

“No matter where you terrorist scum may hide we will seek you out and either capture you in order to bring you to justice or if you continue to resist to conform with the norms of a civilized society we will have no recourse but to completely destroy you.”


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