Re: Refuge Writing Project

I am reposting this e-mail request that I received from BJ Richardson of “The River Walk” WordPress Blog that I follow.


First and foremost, I want to say thank you for being a follower of the River Walk. Whether you simply read one post a long time ago and chose to follow back then of whether you are a regular reader of the devotional, I do want to say thank you for being a part of the crowd of thirteen thousand followers and over two hundred seventy thousand views. With each daily post I am praying that anyone who reads it would be drawn closer to our Lord.
Now I am asking for your prayers. As some of you have heard when I sent out my Christmas/New Years greetings, I am going to Turkey. The deadline for that is now less than three weeks away and drawing ever closer. Although I am going over alone, I would love to have you as part of the team who has my back. There are four things you can do to help.
1) First and foremost, pray. Beyond the immense challenges of moving half a world away, entering into a different culture, and learning a new language, going over as an American into a part of the world where are not by any stretch popular and gathering stories from those whose lives have been changed by ISIS is not safe. I desperately need your prayers.
2) Follow. I have begun a new blog: that will be chronicling what I can publically share of my time and experiences.
3) Support. I have emptied my retirement and savings and sold or given away pretty much everything I own that will not wind up in my three suitcases. I am a firm believer in that adage, your money shows where your heart is. I have just created a crowd funding campaign and ask if you will be willing to send a small piece of your heart to Turkey along with me.
4) Share. Even if you are not able to give yourself, would you be willing to post the link to that campaign: your social media connections? Through facebook, twitter, g+, linkedin, your blog and beyond, there are thousands of people you can influence that I will never come across. Would you be willing to mobilize them?

I am eager to see what God is going to do and hope that you would be willing to have a part in it with me. I appreciate your time in reading this and pray the best for you.


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