Another Ignorant Remark


It’s very sad when people rely on their own wisdom instead of the wisdom of God. I don’t understand how anyone can hold such beliefs if they could take the time to really read and study the Bible with an open mind and heart. After all, where people shall spend eternity depends on what they choose to believe in this short life. Not only do we have the freedom of speech and belief in the USA, but God in his mercy and wisdom also gave us a free will to believe in Him and His Son or to reject Them. He doesn’t want to make us into robots and force us to love Him. People who for whatever reasons make the wrong choice are in for a very painful surprize after they pass from this very short life into eternity. Jesus said, “What shall it profit a man if he shall gain the whole world yet lose his soul.”  Let’s pray for all the people this Christmas season who have decided to reject God and His Son, Jesus Christ.


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