Support our Police!

Police marching in line.

Just wanted to make a post in honor of the men and women who protect us daily at the risk of their own lives. What would we do without them? I sure hope that the bleeding heart liberals don’t try to limit their authority too much!


2 thoughts on “Support our Police!

  1. So I gather you honor fishermen and loggers, whom are all exposed to greater risk than cops, as well? You thank fishermen for risking their lives catering to your nutritional needs, and loggers for providing you with shelter?

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    • Sure, there are plenty of other jobs that are probably more dangerous than being a cop. But, how many are there where a person is murdered by a fellow human? I rely on cops to protect my rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. When someone breaks into your house and you dial 911 do you want a fisherman to show up?


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