Learn from Mistakes


I’ve sure made plenty of mistakes and wrong choices in life, that is the reason that I am living the sort of life that I am right now. I sure didn’t plan on my life being the way it has become. I haven’t realized hardly any of the goals that I set for myself when I was younger. I’ve always had great hope and ambitions for myself, but due to my disease of alcoholism and irresponsibility I have achieved very little of my dreams. Well, it’s never too late to turn over a new leaf. I have rededicated my life to Jesus Christ and am determined to live a life that is in obedience to Him. I just turned 58 years old, and the Lord has blessed me with excellent health and an intelligent mind. I am looking forward to serving the Lord in whatever capacity that He reveals unto me. If the Lord is willing to grant me a long life, I shall endeavor to please Him in all that I do, all the days that He is pleased to grant me. I believe that He has given me a few of the gifts of the Holy Spirit, such as the gift of evangelism, and I want to make the most of these gifts to bring glory to Him and His kingdom. Yes, Heavenly Father, I pray that You will open doors of opportunity to serve You. Amen


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