Jesus vs. Allah


I’m no expert on Islam, but it appears to me that at least the radical, terrorist, Muslims preach nothing but hatred and intolerance toward anyone that disagrees with them and that those people deserve to die. Fine, let them believe what they will. God shall decide who is right. And, those who choose to follow a lie will be punished in the end. Let God be the ultimate Judge of who and what is the truth. From my study of the Bible I believe that Jesus is the “Way, Truth, and Life.” He said that of Himself and had the credentials to back it up. Did Muhammad ever do that?

It is really sad and disturbing  with what is happening in Iraq and Syria with ISIS. We need to not only fight them and stop the terror that they inflict, but also to pray for them that they may see the evil of their ways and beliefs and the truth of the Gospel of Christ. Jesus did tell us to love and pray for our enemies. But, wherever evil is found good must confront it and defeat it. This is why I believe that the U.S. and other democratic nations need to fight this evil ideology that ISIS and other terrorist groups hold. Sometimes physical, military force is necessary when diplomacy fails or is impossible.

The U.S., being the only superpower left in the world as well as supposedly proclaiming to advocate freedom, liberty, and justice for all needs to be a leader and hopefully other nations who hold the same principles that we do will follow our lead and example. Someone needs to be a policeman to bring criminals to justice. If not us then who?


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