Veteran’s Stand Down

I went to the Veteran’s Stand Down at Cashman Center today. I received a really nice haircut and some information on job opportunities. The main problem that I have on looking for a job has to do with transportation. No one seems to have the funding to just give out bus passes (I can understand why: because people would abuse the system and use the passes for other things than job search.) But, it is very difficult to obtain employment without some means of transportation. For example: Even if I did get a job, how would I get to and from work until I received my first paycheck. It is very difficult when a person is completely without resources to be able to get back on his or her feet. There are agencies that are willing to assist a person, if you can jump through all the red tape and have the patience of Job. I’ll try to hang in there. I’m still praying for the VSA position here at US Vets. It would be very convenient and inline with my future long-term goals. But, I am beginning to get a little desperate for some kind of steady income. What hurts is that I know myself and that I am capable of doing most anything that I set my mind to do, but I’m not very good at portraying or communicating my abilities and skills to other people who do not know me.


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