Bored and Disgusted

I am very bored and disgusted with myself. Why am I so complacent. I’m really not lazy when I have things to do. I am very responsible when sober anyway. And, I have been sober for over a year now. Yipee!! I know the things that I need to do in order to improve my life, but getting motivated is a bitch. I have so much potential but it is and has been wasted. I have had so many opportunities; also wasted. I guess I have a reason to be a little depressed and to experience some low self-esteem. But, I have never given up hope. I have so many interest that I am wishy-washy when it comes time to stay focused on long-term goals. There is so many things that I enjoy doing or think that I would enjoy. I am so confused!


2 thoughts on “Bored and Disgusted

  1. I think you have yet to live the best day of your life as of yet. If you are too weak to stand up, roll over and look at the stars. There is someone up there who really loves and cares for you.


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