February 11, 2013

Just feeling lonely and complacent. I feel like I need to get busy and do something with my life. I’m tired of just sitting around bored all day. I kind of know the things that I need to do, but getting motivated is really difficult. I think that I may suffer from some mild form of depression. I really do have a vision for my future and have the ambition to make a positive impact on my society. But, sometimes I wonder if it is really worth all the effort in the long run. Maybe I’m also a little bit morbid. I am tired of sitting around broke all the time though. I do need to find at least a minimum wage part time job to put some spending money in my pocket and to buy a few necessities. I believe that I am an intelligent average looking and decent middle aged man with a Christian worldview who is attempting to enjoy life and to be happy.


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