I am an average middle aged man who enjoys life. I believe in a Christian Worldview. As a recovering Alcoholic and Homeless Veteran I would like to use my extensive knowledge of Homelessness as well as various Recovery Programs to help others to overcome their addictions and live productive and happy lives. I desire to further my education in the area of Addictions Counseling with the ultimate goal of a career in Counseling. My long term goals include not only a position with a Treatment Center or a Non-profit Organization as a Counselor or Case Manager but also as a Motivational Speaker and Writer. I shall continue my education as I have always desired to obtain a college degree or two; perhaps even a graduate degree. Because of my addictions I have great unrealized potential, but have never lost my hope and ambitions to make a positive impact on my society.


2 thoughts on “Ambitions

    • I haven’t been able to begin much of the formal educational requirements that are probably required to become an Addictions Counselor due to my current situation of being unemployed. But this is my ultimate ambition as related in my blog. Thank You for commenting on my post!! 🙂


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