I am feeling very frustrated with government bureaucracy, namely with the Veterans Administration. They are making so much out of the need to help homeless veterans and then they make it so difficult and time consuming to get any assistance. A person must be very patient and cool headed with them. Attributes that are not common to the average veteran. I am grateful that I am now receiving HUD-VASH which pays my rent, but it took a lot of red tape and approximately eight months to receive. More recently, in August, I applied for VRAP educational benefits to go back to school to receive job training. About a month later, in September, I received a letter denying me the benefits. The reason giving was that I received a dishonorable discharge during my second enlistment. Well, that is false in that I received an OTH (other than honorable) discharge. I did receive an honorable discharge during my first enlistment. The qualifications, as I read them, for the VRAP program is that I qualify if I received more than a dishonorable discharge. Anyway, I mailed the VA a letter to appeal this decision approximately two months ago and have not received a reply as of today. Not even a notification that they received my letter as well as copies of my DD214s. Which I think is the least that they could do to inform me that they have received my letter and it is being processed. For the life of me I cannot comprehend such a slow process.



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