September 14, 2012

I went to the job interview at Vons this morning. I guess that I did OK. The manager seemed to be concerned about me not working but a very short time at my last couple of jobs. Well, I’ll wait and see if they call me back. I dislike all this waiting on things and not knowing. It’s very frustrating! All I want and need right now is a job and I ain’t being particular. Maybe I’ll go and flip hamburgers for min. wage at Micky D’s.

As I mentioned yesterday about how difficult the system makes it on homeless Veterans to get on their feet again, even when they are sincerely trying to better their lives, I got some very disturbing news today. I got denied my VREP benefits because of someone’s incompetence. They said that It appears that I received a Dishonorable discharge. I don’t know how they determined that unless someone can’t read or made an honest mistake. Anyway, I received an Honorable discharge on my first enlistment and an OTH on my second. They must have read the OTH as a Dishonorable. It sometimes makes me wonder if these mistakes could be deliberate. Well, I’m going to appeal the decision anyway. Another time consuming activity. And that much more waiting that I’ll have to endure. Why is everything that a person wants to accomplish when dealing with a Government bureaucracy such a long drawn out process? It took me approximately eight months to get my HUD VASH voucher. Also there are way too many agencies. Why can’t there be a “One Stop” for all your needs.


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