September 8, 2012

I am Me

Here it is another Saturday night all alone. I’m getting really tired of being broke all the time. Not that there is really anything that I want to do. But, it gets boring just sitting around in my apt. without even a  TV. It’s a good thing that I love to read. I do have a radio, which is more than Abe Lincoln had. And I can come down to the computer lab and surf the Internet. I’m really into studying all about making interactive web pages. I’m studying JavaScript again right now, using JQuery. Heavy stuff! Maybe I’ll have my own Web Design studio one day. For right now it’s just a passionate hobby. I’ve been checking out various job opportunities in this field and the requirements that are involved and I need to acquire a lot more skills and knowledge. But, who knows if I shall find an entry level position doing something with websites. I’m slowly working on gaining the knowledge that I need. I’m not getting any younger though. I’ll be 56 in less than a month.

As I said, I need to start making some money. There are things that I want to buy; such as a TV set and a laptop. With that said, on Monday I’m planning on going down to Precision Opinion and get a probably part time, temp. job doing telephone surveys. Well, maybe it’ll last until I get the financing from the VA to go to school. It’s a recent special program that helps retrain unemployed Veterans to get some training to go back to work. It pays for school and gives a person some money to live on.

Getting a little tired of writing right now. I’ll try to put something in this journal on a more regular basis. That is another interest of mine: writing. I do want to write my autobiography someday. I’ve had what I consider to be a very interesting life, as well as opinions on a wide range of topics all of which may be of interest to others. Therefore, I can practice my writing in this journal. I’ll begin tomorrow, “The Lord willing,” to talk about some of my beliefs on various controversial topics.


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