August 10, 2012

Happy Birthday, Mom!! She is 76 today. Exactly 20 years older than me. As I’ll be 56 in Oct. As a matter of fact my Mom brought me home from the hospital on her’s and my Dad’s 1st anniversary day. Wasn’t I a great present? I wish that I hadn’t become such a big disappointment to them. I did call my Mom this morning and talked for less than 5 minutes. Not much to say, but I enjoyed hearing her voice anyway.

Another very hot day in Vegas. Well I decided to move to the desert. Got a phone call to come into Manpower office on Monday morning to apply for a position doing soldering work. I hope that I get the job. I’m tired of being broke all the time and there are some things that I want to buy.

On that note and to not count my chickens before they’re hatched, but I’m going to sit back and relax this weekend and wait upon the Lord to bless me. Yes, I’ve been praying. I know that He has great things in store for me.


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