April 10, 2012

I’m taking care of business. Went to the Social Security Office today to get a letter saying that I don’t get any benefits to FAX to the Housing Authority so that I can get my Section 8 housing. What a long bus ride! I don’t know why there isn’t a SS office near downtown. I feel really good about my clean and sober future. I’m getting things lined up and in order. All I’ve got to do is stay sober one day at a time. Actually I am a very intelligent and responsible person when I’m sober. But, exactly the opposite when drunk. When I have a couple of drinks I quickly develop an “I don’t give a shit” attitude.

It looks like I’m going to have to work in the kitchen by myself again tomorrow. I hate this job. It is causing me way too much stress. Raheam is putting me off by telling me that as soon as they can find someone to replace me. Well, no telling when that may be. I’ll continue to do the best job that I can do though. It’s all part of my being responsible.

I’m going to my third Smoking Cessation class this evening. Next week is our stop smoking date. So I only have one more week to indulge in this nasty habit. I really do want to quit this habit. I think that if I can quit smoking as well as give up my other bad habits it will help me to also stay sober.


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