March 29, 2012

God's Hand

Maxine cancelled my 1:00 appt. for today. I had to reschedule it for next Wed. I don’t really care if I ever have a one-on-one with her. I haven’t made up my mind if I even really like her. For example: Last Mon. evening right before OPPG group she confronted me about missing two appts.  in a row and the third one would cause her not to see me for therapy. But I had only missed one and I have good reasons for doing so. I had even called to reschedule it for today. The appt. was during Stand Down and US Vets weren’t making van runs to the VA that day. I didn’t have transportation to get there. I could probably have gotten a bus pass, but what a hassle. Also, I was the only one in the kitchen that day. I had to decide what was more convent and responsible for me. It’s OK for Maxine to cancel appts. evidently, but not for me.

Also, I had a good appt. with Jolene for HUH-VASH this morn. But the guy who was also supposed to be there couldn’t today. Jolene said that she called and left a message for me a couple of days ago, but I never got the message. They need to put some competent people on the front desk. They also got the phone number wrong on my message from Maxine last night to reschedule my appt.

I started a smoking cessation class Tues. evening. Smoking is a really bad habit that I need to quit for many reasons. I’m going to give it my best shot. After all, I have determined to “turn over a new leaf.” From here on out I am a new creation, old things have passed away, behold all things have become new. I shall live a healthy, rewarding, and fulfilled life.


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