March 22, 2012

Beautiful, warm day here in Vegas! I feel really great today. Went to the Veterans Stand Down and took care of all the business that I needed to take care of. Got my taxes done. I get a $763 refund, but they’ll keep it to pay off my student loan. Which sucks because I could really use that money now. But, it is good that I’m taking care of the things that I need to do. I wasn’t expecting that money anyway and if it lessens my obligations, so much the better. Also I was able to set up a new court date for 4/5 because I missed the one on 2/2. It’s only for drinking a beer at a  bus stop. Also got a haircut that I needed badly. That always feels good. The girl that gave me the haircut, name of Kristal, and she was gorgeous, said that at the Barber Shoppe where she works they charge $35. So I figured that I got a good free $35 haircut. Also was able to get a lot of information on employment opportunities for when I start job hunting again in a few months.


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