March 21,2012

Hectic, busy day and I am a little upset, but nevertheless very pleased with myself. I got up at 3:40am today and had to setup and serve breakfast and also lunch by myself. Everyone else I guess is busy at the Stand Down. The Chef promised me help for lunch, but it never materialized. Oh well, that’s life. But, I think that I did an excellent job getting both meals out on time. Especially considering this is only my third day in the kitchen. I don’t know what is planned for dinner, but I have to leave at 5:00pm for OPPG and ADTP. I already had to reschedule my appt. with Maxine at the VA today. Well, I’m taking life one day at a time and playing it by ear. Doing the very best that I can do. I wish that I wasn’t so broke all the time and could at least afford a pack of cigs. Thank God for some decent, generous friends that help me out though.


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