March 19, 2012

Well, the last day of winter. Feels like it here in Vegas, too. It’s very cool outside. Another busy Mon. Three classes back to back this morn. And two classes this evening plus NA. Good class this morning on how relationships break up. Not something that I’ll probably ever have to worry about. I have serious doubts whether I’ll ever have an intimate relationship with a woman. Don’t really know if I ever want to put in the time and responsibilities that are involved. Even though I am very lonely and would love to have a significant other. Hectic time in kitchen yesterday. We were late serving dinner because of a lack of planning. Not my area of responsibility esp. since it is only my second day in the kitchen. I dislike food service work anyway. Not one of the many things that I enjoy doing in life. I’m very optimistic about my future. I have my “Vision.” Now all I have to do is relax and make it happen!


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