March 1, 2012

Well I’m back into the program at US Vets. My first day. I screwed up once again. I was doing better than I have ever done in my life. I had a job with a steady paycheck at Goodwill. Had more than $2000 in the bank. Moved into my own apt. at Siegal Suites. Thought that I could handle a couple of drinks. Well I ended up laying around getting drunk and playing video poker at the casinos on Freemont St. for about 10 to 12 days this past Feb. My sobriety date is Feb. 14. The rest of the month I layed around my apt. detoxing and watching TV. I also have a problem with porn. The last week or so I have decided to go back to AA and really start working the program. I have also started reading the Bible and Big Book on a daily basis. I have made great plans for the future, but I am mostly going to seek God’s will. I am working on developing a prayer and meditation life.


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